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Alumiiniset pyörätuoli ja kynnyssillatAluminium wheelchair ramps and doorstep ramps 
Model: SBA 
This two part threshold ramp can be used for different heights.
They are lightweight and easy to handle.

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Model: SBS 
SBS ramps are designed as standard to span door steps or doorsteps up to 35 mm high and 120mm wide. They are easy to handle, other dimensions on request.
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Model: SBK-wheelchair entrance ramp
SBK entrance ramps have been designed to allow easy access to buildings. 
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Model: SBK-N wheelchair entrance ramp
SBK-N entrance ramps have adjustable support legs, carrying handles and safety curbs. 
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Model: BTR two piece doorstep ramp
Two piece BTR doorstep ramp, allows easy access to outside areas.
The external section can be left in place, while the internal segment can be placed when required.
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Model: ABS aluminium wheelchair loading ramps
These aluminium ramps are fabricated from an extruded profile which offers an ideal ratio between weight and capacity.
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Model: RAS whellchair ramps
RAS loading ramps are fabricated From a high strength aluminium alloy. The running surface is covered with an anti-slip coating.
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Model: RLK loading ramp for vans
This aluminium ramp is designed to allow for easy one man operation. The light weight of the ramp allows most of the initial loading capacity of the vehicle position by two latches, and mounting blocks are used to maintain the assembly rigid and prevent any vibration during transport.
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Model: RRD loading ramp for vans
RRD is rotatable and offers a wide range of applications. When the ramp is not in use it can be rotated to the inside and be fixed with a bearing block.
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Model: AOL-R wheelchair rising level
AOL-R is made to bridge over stairs or high steps. The surface is manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles which are perforated and embossed to give a perfect anti-slip surface and allow rain and snow to disperse very easily.
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