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Aluminium- and steel made loading dockplates
From our wide selection you can find suitable dockplates for most common height differencies. 
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Model: AWB aluminium dockplate
WB bridge plates are fabricated from aluminium plate with a five-bar tread anti-slip surface.
Designed for loading and unloading with sack trucks, pump trucks and roll cages.
Capacity: 600 or 1 200 kg. 

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Model: HFB loading plate
HFB is produced to bridge over height differences up to 130 mm. It is fabricated from 40 mm thick aluminium honeycomb plate with a ribbed anti slip surface and is fitted with spacer plates between the vehicle and the loading platform.
Capacity: 4 000 kg. 
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Model: HFB 55 and HFB 60 aluminium dockplates
These ramp sare designed for use where there is a very small difference in levels. 
The plates are easy to handle and can be placed into position rapidly.
Capacity: 1200 or 4 000 kg. 

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Model: HF dock plate
Model HF heavy duty bridge plates are fabricated from a 40 mm thick aluminium plate with a non-slip surface. 
Capacity: 4 000 kg. 
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Model: BB aluminium dock plates for railways
This bridge plate is designed to eliminate minor height differences on a railway platform.
Height difference: -100 / +30 mm.
Capacity: 4 000 kg. 

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Model: KBS aluminium loading dock bridges
Robust and maintenance free, they are suitable for a wide variety of uses and users.The KBS can slide from side to side and should be stored in a vertical position. 
Height differencies: -135/+90 mm. 
Capacity: 4 000 kg. 
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Model: SKB aluminium loading dock bridges
SKB dock levelers are designed for medium duty applications and to provide easy, flexible loading of lorries. Available in fixed or movable version.
Height differensies: -215/+175 mm
Capacities: 1 750 - 4 000kg
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Model: FBS steel loading dock leveller 
The five bar tread plate surface gives a high quality antislip surface. Finish is available in either galvanised or paint. Available in static or in sliding version.
height differencies: -250/+205 mm. 
Capacity: 5 000 or 6 000 kg.
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Model: FBA aluminium docklevellers
The FBA dockleveller offers a versatile light weight option which cover loads up to 4500 kgs.
Suitable for height differences of up to -310/+265 mm

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Model: FBT two part dock ramp

FBT is suitable for low loading docks, where height difference is guite high, even +460mm. 
Capacity: 4 000 kg

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Model: Segment lip

As an option for FBA, FBS and KBS bridges. 

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Model: SB and SB-K doorstep ramps

SB-K and SB ramps have been designed to allow easy access over doorsteps. They have an non-slip surface and are maintenance free.
Capacity: 3 000 kg. 

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Model: Wheel ramps

These wheel ramps are made to safely increase the height of low vehicles to allow easier loading from a loading bay. They are lightweight and are easily moved around using the castor fitted to the front plate.
Capacity: 12 000kg / pair

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Model: Aluminium pit covers

Aluminium pit covers are available to help make maintenance areas safe when the pits are not in use. Manufactured in small light weight sections to your pit configuration, these covers are available in capacities up to 4000 kgs.

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